Home Studio specs:


Sennheiser MKH 416

Blue “Robbie” Pre

Mackie  802 VLZ3


Source Connect

A3_Artists Agency_Logo_full color-gold_v


James Murray - Animation/Commercial

Brittney Weiskopf - Interactive/Commercial

Emily Latka - Promos/Trailers/Narration

Matt Cooley - Audiobooks




Suzanne Spazianni - ASP Representation



Talk about voice recognition, Lloyd Sherr has pretty much done it all. TV, Radio & Web Ads, Toons, Promos & Trailers, Documentaries, Video Games, Books, ADR characters, Talking Toys & Amusement Park rides.

And he’s barely warmed up!


Not to stoop to name dropping but Lloyd has worked for Disney, Pixar (including Fillmore the Hippie Van in the “Cars” series), Nickelodeon, Lucasfilm, Sprint, History (437 episodes of “Modern Marvels”) Toyota, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Coke, Honda, Sony, Blizzard Entertainment, Blindlight Studios, and....aw heck, just scroll on down to the resume page for more.

Oh yeah, he’s also got the rep of being a consummate pro, whose enthusiasm and commitment make him producer friendly, copywriter friendly, engineer friendly, client friendly and even art director friendly. And that’s saying something.

Home studio or any outside recording venue that serves a nutritious breakfast.